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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Feb 16, 2007 3:12am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Location, Location ... A New England Perspective

Yet another New England DeadHead (VERMONT by way of Boston) weighing in...

first, imagine my surprise (and reprehension) that Arbuthnot lists the Yankees in his Top 10 NE list and the Red Sox in his NOT-Top me the willies, but I'm a born and bred member of Red Sox Nation and so am programmed that way.

Here in VT we have a 70%/30% RedSox-Yankees split, the 30% of the EvilEmpire (yes, I know the $100 Million we spent on Dice-K makes that "empire" designation somewhat dubious, but w/A-Fraud's contract the Yanks will still have the higher overall payroll this year)located on the NY side of Lake Champlain w/some spill-over but not much in VT.

I do love New England, and here's a quick top 10 list in no particular order:

1. Fall. The shortest but most beautiful season nowhere in the world as gorgeous as it is here.
2. Best seafood anywhere. (Put up your dukes, Maryland or SF, we're ready).
3. Fenway Park. Don't care if you're a Red Sox fan or not, it's still the greatest ballpark in the world, the oldest (1912), and these days better than ever w/the addition of the Monster seats and right field rooftop section (just don't get tickets in the RF grandstands).
4. Best Irish bars on this side of the Atlantic.
5. The old Boston Garden, home of what used to be one of the greatest hockey franchises in history (don't get me started on the current Bruins 'organization")...yes, it's just memories now, but those memories include some GRATE Dead shows: 5/7/77 among the very best.
6. Surviving winter. If it doesn't kill you, it just makes you stronger.
7. Higher Education. yes, Harvard is a parody of istelf these days, but there are fine colleges and Universities throughout the region that live up to grand standards, and the state college are pretty good, too, for those who can't afford the Harvards and BU's.
8. Literary history. Updike, Hawthorne, Irving, Kerouac, Thoreau, Lovecraft, King (well, at least for The Shining),Anne Sexton, and many many more.
9. Birthplace of liberty. take that, King George!
10. Something beautiful in the landscape of all 6 states....even Connecticut.

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Poster: Arbuthnot Date: Feb 16, 2007 4:07pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Location, Location ... A New England Perspective

thanks grendels ... i guess i should've put some more thought into my original thread, because now that you mention it, the seafood, you are correct sir, is absolutely fantastically palatable, and so true too about the Irish bars/pubs (there are quite a number of fake "real" ones too though), and having lived in both Boston (where the Guinness actually comes from Dublin) and Dublin, i can verify that the Boston/Cambridge area sports pubs as close in character and ambiance as those found along the Liffey. And the literary history as well. Last year i went to a gathering of fans by Lovecraft's grave (Providence), with some choice readings, very nice, if admittedly the people there were on the stranger side ... uh, even though i was there too!